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Interesting News Article submitted to us here at YouTubeRats.  sent in by one of the Troll Team who had seen whats happened and had kept the news on Chris Lippincott Snapshot secret as it suited them. Now however he felt it wise to warn and let others know, just how bad a person this Lippincott Logan is.  It is already known he is a bad egg giant Rat, this Fort Worth old newspaper explains a few things.  WHY the name change to Lippencott from Lippincott used many times, why the dropping Christoper N Lippincott to just Chris Lippincott, and then to Chris Lippencott.  In attempts to shield both himself and Todd Finley of Finleys TBR Total Boats in Haltom City Texas, from any negative public shame.

Points which scream out is again the violence, the drugs, and kids connection it is as if he has a hate of families, hate of kids, and Women. But also a weird OBSESSION.  He has Previous prior to this, convictions of abuse to his family all documented, the scammings online and such, just tell a unravelling tale of a sad violent dangerous individual, with no consideration to anyone but himself and Partner Charles Todd Finley at the Finleys Boat Car Works TBR Haltom City, Fort Worth.  Anyone else is fair game to blackmail beat or Scam. 

Watch the video and see how the signs were that prior to 2014 even Lippincott was and is still BAD To the BONE .

Chris Lippincott Finleys Boats News Fort Worth Texas Headlines

Note the Hoards Of Children Pictures and swapping online with many of Lippincotts collection Showing CHILD Sexual abuse ! Now watch the video below, and the signs was always there. WHAT is it exactly he is trying to cover and silence?


Chris Lippincott Finleys Boats News Fort Worth



Used Boat Sales Haltom City Fort Worth Dangerous Mechanic Chris Lippincott


From Women beating to Blackmails and little kids fetish, drugs, alcohol abuse, and a Mental illness, Christopher N Lippincott posesses it all, Its all Public information FACTS and Evidence, NOT made up as Logan Runnin Chris Lippincott shouts day after day as he and his Sick like minded Gang Shout.
The most alarming and worry is why do those who know the Real Truth on Certified Boat Sales Haltom City Texas Chris Lippincott. COVER and Lie for him? and even go so far as to spend money and time, everytime TRUTH is shown on Logan Christopher Neil Lippincott, to attack and slander those who know the truth? Why would anyone knowing the truth LIE for him?
Those who are, MUST only be involved in some of his Sick behind the scenes activities, and pushed in to a situation of Lippincott Telling them back me up or he will Tell all and slander them also.  These weak accomplices are shown after the IMPORTANT report which was received at YoutubeRats.com.  The Reporter has insisted on not being named as they work very close to Chris Lippincott and his Partner Chaz Todd Finley ,in TBR Certified Boat Sales of Texas, they are very scared that if they are known as the one who told the story, they will be attacked and may even be beaten by the Finley Boats Texas Crew, and the Gangs History of Assaults online and offline known about, we understand the risk they have taken in bringing the Real Truth on Chris Lippincott.

The records in the Public domain relating to the Assault and Prevention of allowing needed help for the victim, is now no more a mystery, as they advise the Occasion, this incident took place.

The Report said Christopher Neil Lippincott (Logan) had been drinking or was highly drugged up, and entered in to a mad rage, the woman who he was with at the time, was suddenly pounced on for something she said, and Christopher Lippincott using that name at the time, beat her ferociously like a man posessed. The woman laid screaming on the floor begging him to stop, but Lippincott just carried on seemingly enjoying every blow and kick as she was laying on the floor with blood dripping from her face and head.
After several minutes Logan seemed to realize the damage he had done, he stopped sat on a chair and as she was crying and begging for help he laughed. The woman repeatedly tried to call 911 for assistance on her mobile and Logan Lippincott still laughing smashed the phone, and stopped medical and Police help being made.  This is why on the Police Charges it shows 2 charges.
One is for the assault, while the second is for the Obstruction and hinderence of allowing the victim urgent help and medical attendance. It was much later the woman could get away and drag herself to raise the alarm, Police then arrived and Logan was duly arrested and charged.  The Report then said that Logan had either threatened the woman victim to NOT go ahead and continue the charges or she would pay the consequences, this detail is unknown how Lippincott escaped Prison time, but some mental clause and a deal
that Logan Lippincott, MUST do a Anger Control course or similar, this part they say is not clear, the charges and the story is known, the conclusion the reporter is not sure of the very final events, as not many will speak of the incident the woman victim, still carries the scars, mentally and physically on her face, but she has left Texas and moved away to escape.
Used Boat Sales Haltom City Fort Worth Dangerous Mechanic Chris Lippincott
Now the charge sheet is FACT the 2 seperate charges, do concur the Persons knowledge, so is accurate. The Burning question is when the easily Public domain charge is known and ALL those shown below, KNOW all this and KNEW the assaults and the woman being beaten up by Logan, Chris Lippincott, why do they HIDE it and Lie to cover?

WHAT Sick secrets does Logan have on these obviously sick minded like people? The FACTS speak for themselves. Check the USA Public domain charge sheets do the searches, NOT bogus but official Police arrests, and this assault is the second assault by Christopher Lippincott, again a Woman ! Again it was in a drunk state and he was kicked out the military for it.  WHY are these protecting him what is it Lippincott has on his Partner at TBR Certified Used Boat Sales Haltom Fort Worth, Texas, Charles Todd Finley Fort Worth Texas, that makes them accept a Woman beater
as being fine and good?



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Used Boat Sales Haltom City Fort Worth Dangerous Mechanic Chris Lippincott