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Living or Working in Haltom City Fort Worth Texas ? Then this website is a must bookmark, Featuring Bad People and Businesses living and roaming in the region, Safety by being prewarned in this modern world is a must.

Many People are roaming your neighborhood, The Police know and do the best job they can to protect you, however the Police can ONLY act "AFTER" an event, only your own due diligence and awareness and notifications can keep you safe.

As The Police advise "They can NOT arrest someone for thinking of doing a illegal act, only after the act has been committed"  This website is Produced For YOUR protection to save you suffering Trauma and stress and for your kids safety.

PLEASE ENSURE Those close to you, and others are advised and keep well away from those Dangers Alerts the website Highlights.  KEEP  Haltom City & Fort Worth safe and do not let these dregs of the County dupe or fool you.

Haltom City & Fort Worth Texas NEWS ALERTS

Present People to avoid at all costs are Christopher Lippincott & Chaz Todd Finley, both of Finley Boat Restorations

From Blackmail to Slander Wife Beating Drugs and involvement with kids , this duo of evil are both online and offline and MUST be avoided. Liars and Cheaters at large in Haltom City.

Haltom City & Fort Worth Texas NEWS ALERTSHaltom City & Fort Worth Texas NEWS ALERTS


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