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Offline Online Christopher Neil Lippincott also uses alias Lippencott Caught explaining All

Yes Christopher Neil Lippincott - who uses aliases as Chris Lippencott, Logan, of  Haltom City Texas, and hides and a partner at Finley Boats Cars Repairs Restorations Haltom City Texas Partner, Confessed, Hidden in one of his videos he explains how he Rifled and dug deep and dirty in BP Earthwatch of youtube, Family Facebook and google images, searching for Blackmail info most likely, or Just for his few close like minded friends collections? Who knows for sure? But its a interesting Confession which BP may or not be aware of? BP Earthwatch is a hard man to contact and  probably was not aware who exactly did this low level shit filled action, which caused BP Earthwatches Family intense stress worry and SAFETY Concerns.

Pay special attention to the last final message, to the few close friends he had then and now, the final term "ENJOY" Enjoy what the little kids again, what about seeing BPEarthwatch is to enjoy?  BP his wife and grandkids? very weird but then weird and Christopher Lippincott Finleys Boats Haltom City Texas is the usual.

Lippincott is Dangerous online and more so offline, a public search shows even recently again he committed assault and obstructed Help for the beaten victim..
as explained the toil of his drug and alcohol abuse has aged him and even after having anger help and consultation, still this man is protected and at large in Haltom City.
Be aware and avoid. He moves in a close Gang of other sick minded druggies and ex cons online and others offline with his similar mental problems.


CLOSE ASSOCIATES of The Online Gang Lippincott works with.  Note below and read very carefully the Background to this Starbucks Portland Sick Online Lippincotts Pal.


William A Price of Portland Oregon is a known Mental Health issue Close Friend who hang out at Starbucks Coffee Houses Portland Oregon, and handles Lippincotts online tech issues, as he is the known PC techy, hence why the name Wap-Tek or waptek.



This man is a close personal friend also of these below.  A Gang with sole intent of drugs kids and harrassment and story telling, for kicks .. STEER CLEAR ..

Sara-J-Christy-CRIMINAL Sara-J-Christy now Sara J Pittman Beavercreek Ohio

Sara J Christy now Sara J Pittman of 3234 Maplewood Drive Beavercreek, Ohio, Public data says it all.

Friends with Lippincott & Lies and Harrasses to keep the Gangs secrets safe, is multi ID.  Mr David Greig, or David Greg or Gregg. This is the dark hidden behind the facade front

Astronomer at Tauranga Astronomical Club in Tauranga New Zealand, and works online within the Lippincott Team of Crimes.

dazzathecameraman-David Greg.  Tells of Chris Lippincott TX TAX EVASIONs for many years. Using the name David Greg, Yet his real name according to public records is David Greig. In 2014 he and his side kick online close associate a C J Storey, facebooked Lippincotts family to help assist him try and become a good citizen, but FAILED Badly as he is worse since this date.


dazzathecameraman  known as David Greig at the Tauranga Astronomy New Zealand, but shifted to Greg for his online seedy works .

David Greig dazzathecameraman Tauranga Astronomy club New zealand David-Greg-Greig-dazza-the-cameraman-Kids

David-Greg Greig dazza-the-cameraman New Zealands Pillans Point School in Tauranga New Zealand

David Greig dazzathecameraman, 150 NgataiRd Otumoetai Tauranga Bay of Plenty NZ

Chloe J Storey Washington

C J Storey Washington

Christopher Neil Lippincott also often uses alias Lippencott