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Chris Lippincott Finleys Boats News Fort Worth Texas Headlines

Interesting News Article submitted to us here at YouTubeRats.  sent in by one of the Troll Team who had seen whats happened and had kept the news on Chris Lippincott Snapshot secret as it suited them. Now however he felt it wise to warn and let others know, just how bad a person this Lippincott Logan is.  It is already known he is a bad egg giant Rat, this Fort Worth old newspaper explains a few things.  WHY the name change to Lippencott from Lippincott used many times, why the dropping Christoper N Lippincott to just Chris Lippincott, and then to Chris Lippencott.  In attempts to shield both himself and Todd Finley of Finleys TBR Total Boats in Haltom City Texas, from any negative public shame.

Points which scream out is again the violence, the drugs, and kids connection it is as if he has a hate of families, hate of kids, and Women. But also a weird OBSESSION.  He has Previous prior to this, convictions of abuse to his family all documented, the scammings online and such, just tell a unravelling tale of a sad violent dangerous individual, with no consideration to anyone but himself and Partner Charles Todd Finley at the Finleys Boat Car Works TBR Haltom City, Fort Worth.  Anyone else is fair game to blackmail beat or Scam. 

Watch the video and see how the signs were that prior to 2014 even Lippincott was and is still BAD To the BONE .

Chris Lippincott Finleys Boats News Fort Worth Texas Headlines

Note the Hoards Of Children Pictures and swapping online with many of Lippincotts collection Showing CHILD Sexual abuse ! Now watch the video below, and the signs was always there. WHAT is it exactly he is trying to cover and silence?


Chris Lippincott Finleys Boats News Fort Worth